Hello everyone! We are excited to be back online once again. I'm not real sure as to what happened to our other site, but it vanished! A special thanks to Josh Ward for stepping in and taking this bull by the horns…he has done a great job!

2010 has been a special year for us. Not only did our website vanish, but so did our equipment! Back in April, while our bus was in for repairs, our trailer was stolen out of our yard during the night. This trailer had every CD, amp, speaker, cables…you name it inside except our instruments. It was never recovered and our insurance didn't pay either.

Then the most amazing thing happened, communities, churches, and other gospel groups started helping us out in ways that no words could describe. People from all over the southeast started calling and sending letters offering prayers and financial help. At that time, we were looking ahead at a very busy schedule, a new Cd project in the works, a bus in the shop and we had not the first bit of equipment. But then the Holy Spirit began to move in such a way, needs were being met, and everything that we needed was supplied without ever missing the first singing! I know that we may never get to personally thank each and every one that helped us out, but I do know that God will bless you in His own special way. We finished our CD, and we have dedicated it to all of you.

We love you and thank you for an amazing 10 years.

Hopefully, we will see you again sometime real soon. Check our schedule and come visit with us.

God Bless,

Ron B.