A time to reflect

Greetings everyone from the BBG Camp!

Looking back on the other newsletters I realize how far behind I am with posting something new. I apologize, but I must say we have been very busy with "life".

Some people have asked "where did we go?" The best way to answer that question is just to give them a brief look in to what "life" has sent our way.

Just after we had a couple of songs chart on the Singing News Top 80, we were receiving bookings in areas that were new to us. It was so exciting, but soon we were to begin a journey that would take us to places that we would have never imagined. This journey, is one that would become known to us as "The Journey of Faith". Some of you may remember hearing us talk about these events, but for those that are new, I will get you caught up.

After our latest CD, "Pictures" had run it's course with radio, it was time for us to go back in to the studio. But every time we would nail down studio dates, things would happen to us that would set us back, either financially or physically. To kick all these events off, it started one morning around 3 am when we had every piece of equipment, CD's and even our trailer stolen from our front yard. Luckily our instruments were spared, but our insurance wouldn't cover our losses….in fact, it didn't pay one cent. God stopped by and showed us the power of friends and family and through the help of others, we were able to replace most of our equipment and get back on the road.

During this time, I was also dealing with unemployment. I had always had a dedicated full time job, but for some strange circumstances, I found myself without a paycheck. However, God supplied my needs and soon found myself working for a great company.

Just as we got back going strong, we re-scheduled a date for the studio and then we found out that Jennifer had been diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. This news was devastating. Our hearts seem to come to a stop as we were facing an all new challenge. Only those that have been effected directly with this horrible disease can understand truly as to what this feels like. God once again, reached down, touched Jennifer and healed her. It was an amazing experience to see His power of healing. We caught our second wind, and pressed on, seeking His guidance. But soon, we were faced with some major mechanical set backs with the bus, right about the time we had yet another date scheduled for the studio. It took a few months to recover, all the while we were still singing. Just as things seem to be moving forward, Christie and I lost a baby to a miscarriage. It was early in the pregnancy, but it still hurt so bad. And sadly, just a week after this, we found out that Jennifer was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Now listen folks, I know that all of this seems horrible, and you may wonder why I would want to tell you all of these bad things. The reason is this- through all of these events, GOD NEVER LEFT OUR SIDE!!

Jennifer underwent some major surgeries and is now CANCER FREE, and Christie, Abi and myself now have an amazing new member of the family- Asa Braden Burrow.

This Journey of Faith has produced an amazing walk with Christ. I personally have stumbled, fell and found myself about as low as I could get, but the beautiful thing is when you realize that you are that low, if you look up, you will find that God is reaching down to pull you back up. He may whip you, like a good father should do, but he will dust you off, set you back on your feet again and give you a brand new start. God's Holy Spirit has abided with us and we have found true peace that cannot be found from anything on this earth.

If you are going through some things in life that you cannot understand, please just let go and let God have total control.

We know that this year will prove to be an amazing year. Our schedule is full and we are going to places that we never thought we would go. We want to thank each and every one of you that are praying for us, supporting us and most of all….love us. God is in total control of this ministry and He has given us a story to share.

We love you all.
Ron B.